Programme of the course

09.30 - 13.00 Participants' arrival and registration Ark of Inquiry I Schools Study Earthquakes I Schools Study Earthquakes II Create an Ark of Inquiry activity I

Participants' presentations and certificates

Introduction to IBSE and RRI The Eratosthenes Experiment
The Ark of Inquiry approach and resources Demonstration of Augmented Reality in education Nanotechnology in primary & secondary education Develop an activity based on IBSE enriched with online resouces/tools Practice Reflection
Student & Classroom Assessment Embed the RRI philosophy Feedback from teachers on the use of Ark of Inquiry aproach and its platform
15.00 - 17.00 Introduction Ark of Inquiry II Educational activities with video trackers and sensors Excursion Acropolis

Create an Ark of Inquiry activity II

Participants' departure
Welcome address Upload to platform
Ark of Inquiry - The project Joining teachers communities and exploring the eduactional activities on the platform Promoting STEM in the science classroom with Legos Exploring EU funding opportunities: guidelines for submitting an Erasmus+ KA1 / KA2 proposal
Ice-breaking Excursion to Cape Sounion (18:00h)

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