The “Ark of Inquiry: Creating future responsible citizens through inquiry learning” Summer School is specifically designed for teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It will introduce to teachers the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation, the use of online resources as well as inquiry-based science teaching techniques in order to develop, improve and enhance their teaching skills and practices and to better connect their schools with the society.

The overall goal of the course is threefold:

1.          to introduce participants to the responsible research and innovation concept, a wide umbrella connecting different aspects of the relationship between science, research and society: public engagement, gender equality, science education, ethics, and governance

2.          to acquaint participants with the significance and opportunities of inquiry-based science teaching through the use of virtual online and remote labs in STEM education;

3.          to enable teachers to successfully find, develop and apply the innovative, ICT based tools and teaching techniques that will help them create attractive science lessons and thus foster the interest of their students in science topics.



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Learn how to introduce RRI in schools through project and inquiry based learning!

Involving students and teachers in reflecting on the role of research and innovation fosters sustainable interactions between schools, researchers, industry, and civil society organisations. In addition, integrating (RRI) principles in STEM teaching could make STEM careers more attractive to young students. Learning such skills can help students better understand science and innovation and their relations with different aspects of society and can prepare them to take part in decision-making processes that affect their future societies. In this sense, innovative science pedagogical methods –such as project- and inquiry-based learning, structured research-like school projects, and reflections on key socio-scientific issues – support the introduction of RRI in schools. Consequently, the specific objectives of the course are:

·         Introducing STEM teachers to the concepts and skills of inquiry learning-design and demonstrating its various applications in inquiry-based learning activities in the science classroom taking into account different teaching and learning styles;

·         Introducing STEM teachers to the concept of responsible research and innovation

·         Familiarizing participants with the Ark of Inquiry portal and educational activities it contains;

·         Develop teachers ICT skills through the use and application of the Ark of Inquiry Portal and several online tools.

·         Engage participants in preparing, uploading and sharing digital learning resources and activities

·         Foster the culture of collaboration among teachers of different science disciplines in organizing multidisciplinary activities;

Overall, the course has a significant and important European dimension: Participants from all over Europe will become part of an active and growing community of practice to exchange and share ideas, experiences, concerns and educational resources with fellow teachers across Europe and introduce them to on-line learning repositories, portals and educational metadata.

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